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US: Florida man arrested for aiming green laser at sheriff's helicopter

A 22-year-old Coconut Creek, Florida man was arrested November 26 2014 for aiming a green laser beam three times at a Broward Sheriff’s Office helicopter. Jonathan Leiva was charged with misuse of a laser lighting device, and was released on $1,000 bond.

An officer in the helicopter, deputy Christopher Marchese said the crew was searching for a suspect when the cockpit was suddenly illuminated with a “big green light”. He was illuminated directly in his right eye, and another crew member was also hit in the eye. When the beam hit again, Marchese was able to see the laser beam and follow it down to Leiva’s location. Ground officers arrested Leiva, who admitted shining his laser at the helicopter.

Jonathan Alan Leiva laser
Jonathan Alan Leiva

From January 1 to November 14 2014, there were 317 laser/aircraft incidents in Florida. 49 of these took place in Broward County, and 18 in adjacent Palm Beach County.

From WSFN News, Aviation News via the Sun Sentinel