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Canada: "Lasergate" at hockey match

Calgary Flames hockey players were repeatedly distracted by having a green laser shined in their faces, during a Jan. 9 2010 game in Vancouver. According to the Toronto Star, “Flames coach Brent Sutter was fuming after the game calling the antics ‘ridiculous’.”

The CBC-televised game picked up the green light on several occasions. Arena security was unable to find the perpetrator. In the third period, the search was narrowed to a specific section and “the light show stopped,” but the person was not found.

A National Hockey League spokesman recommended criminal charges against anyone caught distracting players, due to the safety hazard.
Two days later, Barry Trotz, coach of the next team to play the Vancouver Canucks, “called the laser show ‘brutal’ and threatened to pull his club off the ice if a similar incident happened again.”

Laser pointers are “strictly prohibited” at the arena. “Our security staff will confiscate the batteries and/or any laser pointer brought into our venue. Any fan attempting to bring a laser pointer into Air Canada Centre may also face ejection from the building.”

From the Toronto Star and National Post