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Norway: 11-year-old girl seriously injured by laser pointer

An 11-year-old Norwegian girl suffered serious damage to her eyes after deliberately looking into a laser pointer. Jeanette Anine Bauthler Rustand purchased the laser pointer outside the country while on vacation. She lost about 90% of her central vision and must rely on peripheral vision. The visual loss “changed her life” and she can no longer do activities such as soccer.

This is said to be the most serious Norwegian case of laser pointer eye damage. There are about 12 known cases although authorities fear there may be more actual cases.

From the Icelandic Radiation Safety Authority. For the original machine-translated version, click the “Read More…” link below. A Norwegian TV report on the case is here.

From the Icelandic Radiation Safety Authority, machine-translated by Google

November 30 2010

The Norwegian news was recently told by a 11 year Norwegian girl who has been serious damage to eyes after watching the beam from a powerful laser pointer. The girl lost about 90% of their central vision and must rely on its visual side.

The girl, Jeanette Anine Bauthler Rustand acquired laser pointer on holiday abroad and felt at first like to direct him to my eyes because it was all bright red. While the laser destroys the optic nerve of the eye bottom where she explained that before. Jeanette carries himself well but visual loss has changed her life and she can no longer play such as soccer.

Radiation Safety encourage parents to take the laser point of children because they are not toys. Solving point, never direct the eye. If they are accidentally directed to the eyes closed for the power, but it may be too late if the solvent is powerful. Solving point of more than 1 mW power are strong. These laser pointers are Class 3 and Class 4 according to international standards. Solubility in toys sold in Europe may only be of class 1

Norsk the State on this issue.


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In Iceland there are known instances of abuse margsvíslega laser point but none with such serious consequences and with Norwegian girl. In Norway, about 12 known cases in which the result of serious eye damage than the fear is that cases are actually more.

In Norway take new regulating the use of force for solving the next year and Iceland Health has decided to restrict public use of strong resolve: