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Worldwide: Major laser seller adds aircraft warning

LaserPointerSafety.com is pleased to note that a major Internet laser distributor is adding text to their labels, warning against shining the laser at aircraft. The label text reads:

Shooting a laser at an aircraft is considered a felony in the U.S.

Wicked Lasers label with aircraft warning text

The new label is being introduced in September 2009 by Wicked Lasers. They have a significant presence on the Internet, marketing a wide range of lasers for pointing, burning/cutting, and general purpose uses.

Earlier in 2009, Wicked began a major push to ensure compliance with U.S. federal laws for laser products. To their credit, Wicked went beyond current U.S. requirements and also added the warning text about aircraft.

Since LaserPointerSafety.com was founded one year ago, we have urged sellers, distributors and manufacturers to add such labels -- in all countries, not just for U.S. lasers. It is unclear whether Wicked Laser’s new aircraft warning text will be on all their lasers, or just U.S. models. Even if it is just for the U.S., it is an important start.