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Worldwide: Wicked Lasers begins using independent Laser Safety Facts website

The well-known Internet seller Wicked Lasers has added detailed safety information on its website about the hazards of its products. As of September 4 2014, a new “Laser Safety Facts” link on Wicked’s webpages goes to an independent website that lists hazards and safe use guidance.

This is the first time that Wicked, or any consumer laser manufacturer, has used the proposed “Laser Safety Facts” labeling system which aims to give the general public detailed and easily accessible safety data. A key part of this proposal is that the information is not controlled by Wicked or any laser manufacturer; instead it comes from an independent source.
Wicked is using the Laser Safety Facts system as follows: On the product page for their lasers, they include a box entitled “Laser Safety Facts” which says “Click or tap for this product’s safety information”:

Wicked Lasers safety label class 4
Laser safety information for the “Arctic” handheld, with up to 2 watts of blue light. Note the warning at bottom “Do not shine your laser at an aircraft”.

A click or tap leads away from Wicked’s website, to a page at the independent website “LaserSafetyFacts.com”. The resulting page displayed is either for Class 3B or 4 lasers, depending on the class of the Wicked product.

For example, information on Class 4 lasers includes: “What is a Class 4 Laser?”; “Safe Use Guidance”; “Class 4 Laser Hazards” including eye (direct beam, reflected beams and diffuse reflections), skin injury, materials damage and burning, aircraft and vehicle safety, a warning that lasing aircraft is illegal; information on eyewear; and additional links and resources. The information on this page is generic Class 4 information and has not been tailored to any specific manufacturer’s products.

LSF Class 4 info - top
The top 1/4 of the Class 4 laser safety page from LaserSafetyFacts.com. Click on the image to go to the full page.

One advantage of this system is that the information on the Laser Safety Facts page is much more detailed than previous information provided by Wicked, or other online sellers of laser pointers and handhelds. Another benefit is that the information is independently produced, and can be updated as needed by simply updating the appropriate Laser Safety Facts page. To give a hypothetical example, when the hazards of aiming at aircraft first became widely known about 15 years ago, it would have been easy to update a single Laser Safety Facts webpage, instead of dozens of different manufacturers’ sites.

Background information disclosure: The Laser Safety Facts proposal, website and information was developed by the author of this website, LaserPointerSafety.com. Wicked Lasers had no input into the LSF proposal or text, which is independent of any manufacturer or group. Wicked has supported the idea of a Laser Safety Facts label, but did not pay or otherwise compensate LSF for use of the link. Linking to the LSF information is free to anyone. For more information on the Laser Safety Facts proposal, see this page.