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US: 3 trick-or-treaters arrested for aiming laser at sheriff's helicopter on Halloween

On Halloween night, October 31 2020, three trick-or-treaters were arrested in Fort Meyers, Florida for intentionally aiming a green laser at a Lee County Sheriff's Office Aviation Unit helicopter.

Lee County Fl Haloween 2020 laser squashed
Screenshot from Lee County Sheriff's Office video which is available on Facebook, link here. The person on the left is aiming a laser at the helicopter. The bright green beam is not visible in this photo because the infrared (non-visible heat) camera is in use.

The helicopter crew directed ground units to the three persons, who were getting candy at the time.

Fifteen-year-old Alexander Harry, 18-year-old Xavier Satchell and 40-year-old Adam Schleiser were charged with a third-degree felony, misuse of a laser.

Sheriff Carmine Marceno said “I can’t begin to explain how dangerous it is to put our aviation crew members in jeopardy by pointing a laser light at their eyes. Any person who intentionally tries to harm my family members will go to jail.”

In a separate incident the night before, a 45-year-old area man was arrested for pointing a laser at the Lee County Sheriff's Office Aviation Unit helicopter. Miguel Javier Jimenez, 45, also was charged with misuse of a laser. He was held in the Lee County Jail under $5,000 bond.

Miguel Javier Jimenez laser Florida squashed
Miguel Javier Jimenez

From Shore News Network and Wink News