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South Africa: Man arrested for aiming at helicopter during World Cup

A 35-year-old man was arrested for aiming a laser at a police helicopter in Durban, at a World Cup event. Yusuf Ebrahim was arrested June 26 2010. A pilot had complained a few days earlier of light from a beachfront fan park affecting his vision. When it happened again on June 26, Ebrahim was identified and arrested.

The case was first brought before a special World Cup court. However, the prosecutor decided it was not a World Cup case and referred it to the Durban Magistrate’s Court. Ebrahim was charged with “performing an act which jeopardizes or may jeopardize the safety of an aircraft.” A court appearance is scheduled for July.

From IOL News

Update, January 11 2012: An Internet search has not turned up any news stories about the outcome of Ebrahim’s case. A story in The New Age indicates that there have only been two South African laser incidents that resulted in arrests -- the Ebrahim case, and a January 2012 arrest of three persons.