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UK: UPDATED - 3 Bristol teens in jail after shining laser on police helicopter

Three teenagers from the Hillfields area of Bristol were arrested February 14 2012 for shining laser light on a police helicopter. The charge was suspicion of endangering the helicopter occupants. One person was 18, two were 19. A court date was set for March 19.

The Chief Superintendent of Avon and Somerset Police said “Anyone who shines a laser at an aircraft performs a dangerous and reckless act. These people have no consideration for the safety of the aircraft or its crew. When a laser is directed at any aircraft it puts life at risk and in the case of the police helicopter hinder the apprehension of offenders and delay the investigation of crime. In 2010 there were 90 reported laser hits against aircraft and last year more than 100 incidents involving aircraft and vehicles. This is something we take seriously…. Those who use the pens … need to know that they face arrest and possible prosecution if they are caught.”

From the Avon and Somerset Police Constabulary and BBC News Bristol

UPDATE, March 19 2012: Charges against the three teenagers were dropped, due to lack of sufficient evidence.