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US: Two California teens arrested for aiming laser at police helicopter

Two 15-year-olds were arrested after aiming a laser beam, at least twice over a half hour, at an Anaheim (Calif.) Police Department helicopter.

On June 19 2018 at about 12:30 am, a green laser beam was aimed at the cockpit from an apartment building balcony. The crew could identify the apartment complex the beam came from, but not a specific unit.

At about 1 am, the helicopter cockpit was again illuminated by a laser beam. This time the crew could see from which unit the beam came. Ground officers then went to the apartment, where they handcuffed and arrested the 15-year-old males.

15-year-olds laser Anaheim
The teens are led down the apartment staircase to a waiting police car. They were later released to their parents.

A police department spokesperson called the incident “super dangerous” and very serious. There were no injuries reported to the helicopter crew.

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